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Looking for MFL resources? Hopefully these will help!


This page contains some of the resources that I have used in the MFL classroom. Some of them are quite old and I have continued to use them since my NQT year. There is no need to continue reinventing the wheel. That said, some could do with a bit of a facelift!

There are a range of resources from different Key Stages and languages. Yet most are A Level French. I hope to continue to add resources to this page as I create new things to use in the classroom. I have primarily taught French, with some Spanish. However, that is all change!

Many of the items are for the 2009 AQA specifications. I will add and adapt more tasks to suit the new specifications. However, lots of the topic work and certainly the grammar can be used and adapted.

If you have any comments that you would like to make or resource suggestions, please let me know. Whilst I am busy, I will try and add something that might be of interest.


Some of these resources are quite old and might contain out of date references. Please ensure that you check for any errors before use in the classroom.

I have tried to avoid any duplication of documents. If there are any duplicates, please let me know and I will remove them. This should avoid any confusion!

Finally, I believe that any credit has been given to work that has not been created by me. If this has not happened, I apologise and please let me know straight away.

Links to resource pages (click below)

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A Level French

A Level Spanish

GCSE French

GCSE Spanish

KS3 French

KS3 Spanish

Marking and Assessment