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Thanks for clicking through to this page and I hope that you are going to use the form to contact me. Whilst I usually respond quickly to any messages via my social media accounts, if you contact me with the form it ends up in my inbox. That way, I will make it a priority to get back to you!

Why keep in contact? Well, I think it is great to share and work with those who share similar interests, in the educational sphere any beyond. I would be very happy for people to contact me so that we could collaborate. These collaborations could be for a blog post or at a local educational meet up. My interests are outline on my about page.

Whilst my interest seems fairly narrow, that’s not to say that I won’t consider a collaboration on something else! Whilst MFL and educational leadership are my main areas of interest, they are multifaceted. So, I’m happy to develop my interests further.

I plan on getting back out there a bit more in terms of attendance at local teacher meet ups and some of the larger educational conferences. I used to try and make it to quite a lot, but the last few years have been quite busy in and out of the classroom. I will certainly keep my eye out for any upcoming TeachMeets here.

As well as the TeachMeets, many of which are independently hosted and advertised nowadays, there are other events that keep popping up. This includes the #BrewED meet ups that are taking place. In the spirit of keep things local, I shall be speaking and taking part in #BrewEdHerts. These events are a great way of being inspired by those working in all aspects of the school community. It’s all very exciting!