About me: Why do I blog about education?

Picture of someone writing and planning about teaching
What are my teaching and education interests?

So what can I tell you about me? I am currently a practising teacher and Head of Department with just over ten years experience, where has the time gone? I have middle leadership experience in the secondary sector. My career has primarily been London based, although I trained and completed my NQT year in my home county of Cornwall. Until recently I was Head of French at an independent school, and I am now a Head of Modern Languages. In September 2019, I return to the maintained sector in the same role. Middle leadership will be a one of the themes I will write about on this blog.

As well as my role in school, I continue to be a university-based tutor for PGCE students. Also, I have undertaken some freelance consulting and GCSE/A Level Examining for French and Spanish. In 2017 I completed my MA in Educational Leadership at the UCL Institute of Education. My research looked at the values displayed by school leaders. This is something which I am considering taking further as part of doctoral research.​ Failing that, I will try and write about this further on my blog. I find it very interesting!

Middle leadership is part of my current role. Yet, Modern Foreign Languages are a large part of what I am about. I have been passionate about them for as long as I can remember. Also, at the moment there is a lot of interesting development in MFL pedagogy. I hope to try and continue to update my knowledge and MFL-related practice. If you would like to make suggestions or get in contact, use the form on my blog.

The thoughts and ideas penned as part of my blog are separate from my professional role. The views written here in no way represent those of my employer, colleagues or the wider school community.